Safe in the City - Story lines

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Story 1: Paul is getting more serious with Jasmine, but "slips" and has a sexual encounter with Teresa; Teresa gets diagnosed with an STD and Paul has to tell Jasmine about it.

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Story 2: Teresa meets Luis, who is a friend of Ruben. Ruben encourages Luis to ask Teresaout. Teresa is serious about using condoms with Luis after her STD scare with Paul. As a result, Luis has to make a frantic late night run to the store to buy condoms.


Story 3: Ruben is bisexual. His girlfriend Christina knows nothing about his interest in men. Ruben and Tim have a casual sex encounter after meeting in a bar. Several days later, Christina observes that Ruben has difficulty urinating, leading her to believe he has an STD. She insists on a visit to the STD clinic.